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Shalom.  Welcome to Free Hebrew Lessons by Dolpheena!  Who wants to pay for lessons when you can visit me and get’em free!  Let’s get started.  There’s no time to waste.  You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t anxious to learn.

NEW! I have added an  Alefbet Alphabet page and an English transliteration lessons Page with sub pages containing additional lessons! I am actively adding more to aid learners in a comprehensive way. My pronunciation lesson below can also be found on the Alefbet Alphabet page. Please leave any comments or questions you have! I hope you find my site for learning helpful


A =ah  as in pod/sod

E=ehh  as in hen/pen

I=ee  as in tea/flee

O=oo as in floor/store

U=oo  as in hoot/flute

There are long & short vowel sounds but the difference in pronunciation is so close we can use this guide and learn just fine.

CONSONANTS:  The hebrew alphabet is different from English as its alphabet is all consonants/with vowels made up of dots & dashes. We will not worry about that here.  We are only learning how to say it.

Alef=silent letter.  It only takes on sound of vowel under it.

Bet= B as in bat/bubble

Vet= V as in vest/violet

Gimmel=hard G as in gasoline/goblin

Dalet=D as in dog/door

Hey=H as in hay/horse

Vav=V as vest/violet

Zayin=Z as in zoo/zebra

Het=hard H like end of ugh

Tet=T as in top/ten

Yod=y as in yet/year

Kaf=k as in kitchen/camp

Khaf=sound as in ugh(above for Het) only even harder.

Khaf sofeet=same as khaf/at end of word

Lamed=L as in love/lamp

Mem=M as in mat/moth

Mem sofeet=same as mem/at the end of word

Nun=N as in nut/nancy

Nun sofeet=same as nun/at the end of word

Samekh=S as in safe/some

Ayin=silent takes on sound of vowel

Peh=p as in peanut/pound

Feh=F as in fun/fact

Feh sofeet=same as feh/at the end of word

Tsadeh=TS=ts as in the end of hats/cats

Tsadeh  sofeet=same as tsadeh/at the end of a word

Qof=hard k as in kindergarten/cop

Resh=r as in run/road

Sheen=sh as in shine/shoe

Seen=s as in sun/same

Tav=t as in tall/town


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